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Concerned about the condition of your garage door? Making bizarre noises? No longer closing or opening how it should? Concerned about your children’s safety? We know that with regards to garage doors, safety comes first. So, if you’re concerned about the condition of your door, you ought to inspect further and then contact a storage door professional.

The good news is most of the time it could be repaired, as opposed to fully replaced. However you need to act as quickly as possible, due to the fact even the seemingly minor problems can quickly turn out to be massive headaches.

Can you repair it instead of replacing it?

Issues with your electric door opener

As an example, the door closes several inches but then opens again. The most probable reason is a misalignment of the photo eye devices on the safety reversing system. This is an easy thing to confirm, and you should be able to see if one of the devices has been moved. If it hasn’t, the wiring that joins both devices might have been severed. If it’s the latter, call a garage door technician right away!

The door jerks or vibrates while opening

This might sound as though your door opener is having difficulty lifting the door, which means that one of the lifting cables is probably faulty or very damaged. To make sure, examine the vertical tracks on either side of the garage door. If that’s not the case, a roller could be busted or have come off its track. In any case, call a professional as quickly as you can.

The door is making a loud noise when opening

Many garage doors come on steel tracks, or industrial grade tracks for larger doors. in case you’re hearing a loud noise when the doors opening, it’s possible that one of these tracks is broken, possibly bent or twisted from a collision. You would really need to bring a garage door technician to rectify the issue.

The door is slow in its operation

This is possibly an indication that the door system is having difficulty lifting the door, but this time it’s possibly related to the spring system. If the door opener is working harder than it does normally one of the springs might be damaged or has lost tension. To determine the cause, pull the emergency release rope and attempt to open the door manually. Keep in mind that garage doors are calibrated to have a perceived weight of no greater than 10 lbs., you should be capable of raising it effortlessly one-handed. If you can’t, you’ve got an issue and need the damaged system replacing.

When do you need to replace it?

When you take proper care of your garage door it can last for generations, as long as you frequently maintain it, which includes lubricating all moving components at a minimum number of twice a year, you shouldn’t have any issues. However there are a few issues that may come up that regrettably can’t be repaired. For example:


If you live in a cold area, your garage door is really put through the wringer, and unless you have got a heated, nicely-insulated garage and heavy-duty hardware, rust is likely to develop through the years. If that is the case and you see rusty garage door pieces, you’ll need to replace it.

Damaged door sections

If one of the garage door sections is badly broken, you might need to replace the whole door. All of it depends on how damaged the section is, but a significantly damaged door section can result in more problems, such as rust.

To sell your house faster

If you’re considering putting your home up for sale, but you’re concerned that your battered, out dated garage door may make it a hard sell, you may need to consider investing in a brand new garage door. Any real estate agent will let you know that a brand new garage door ensures a notable return on investment, and what’s more, your property is much more likely to sell quickly.

Keep in mind…

Garage doors are dangerous, moving objects, so for your safety and the safety of your children and family, please hire a professional! If you’re still uncertain whether you need to repair or replace your garage door, give us a call at 949 374 1737  or request a detailed quotation. If you’d rather talk to a technician in person, we’re happy to make a house visit.

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